Thursday, 4 October 2018

Tell Me a Story - A Garden Moment

Tell Me A Story

My Garden in Autumn

All writers need a muse of some kind to help the flow of creative juices. I find the peace and tranquility of a garden hard to beat when it comes to inspiration.

Come with me for a walk around my October garden and let me know what you think.

The Pink Bignonia at the back of the kitchen. It's done better this year than ever before. It gave us quite a flowery show - a nice greeting every time we went through the kitchen door.

I have to trim the ivy hedge too often for my liking, but it nicely separates the work area from the garden. I need a work area to store excess building materials, and of course the firewood for the winter.

We almost lost this cycad last winter, but it thankfully recovered and seems to be okay now. Hope it survives because it looked lovely when it was in full spread, especially with the pampas in the background.

One of my favourite spots in the garden. Give me a tall glass of something cold, a laptop, and I'm well away.

The purple ground cover, Tradescantia Pallida, has gone berserk this year - but it is rather stunning, so we let it do it's thing. Right or wrong, it'll be cut back to stumps in a few weeks, but it seems to do it good. We cut it back most years and it appears to be thriving.

The pool is still sitting at 26C because of the cover - but it's a tad on the low side for me. I like it around 30C.... wimp that I am...

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