Sunday, 26 July 2009

Nick Sabatino book signing AGAIN.

Tell Me a Story - inspiration.

Those of you living around CENTERVILLE, OHIO could be in for yet another treat. At ninety years of age, Nick Sabatino will be doing another book-signing for Tiny Donut with a Big Heart at Bill’s Donuts on 1st August 2009 between 9am and 12 noon.
Apparently, so many people turned out last time that he ran out of books - Wow! Brilliant, Nick, who could ask for more.

So, take a drive, walk, run, jog, whatever you want, just get down to Bill’s Donut Shop, 268 N. Main St. on 1st August and give Nick all the support you can.
....And just in case you're wondering why he's chosen that venue, Bill’s Donut Shop was part of the inspiration for the book - so there....

Well done Nick. You really are an inspiration to us all.


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End of post Nick Sabatino book signing again.