Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tell me a Story: Those Short Moments

Tell me a Story

Don't forget that life is too brief to miss SHORT MOMENTS. They seem to count the most in the long run

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Better Writer

Tell Me a Story

I love this list of 10 steps to Becoming a Better Writer from Copyblogger

Take note and follow...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Brief Impressions a book review

Tell Me a Story

Title     - Brief Impressions
Author - AJ Barnett
Stars    - 5

Brief Impressions:
This is a new collection of tear-jerker short stories. Get your tissues handy - the ahh-factor is at work again. AJ Barnett has a reputation for emotive writing, Brief Impressions is no different.

Books from AJ are consistently in the best sellers of their category - in fact three ebooks, SHORT MOMENTS, YESTERDAY and THE TASTE OF LONELINESS have not been out of the best selling list for over 12 months - Most of that time in the top twenty of their category.

 Contents of Brief Impressions:
#1 - On Your Quad:
#2 - New Arrangements:
#3 - Pain, Rage, and Sorrow:
#4 - Connor Is Missing:
#5 - Showing Concern:
#6 - The Arrangement:
#7 - Going Back:
#8 - Phone calls From Laura:
#9 - A World Of Change: