Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Book Promotion

Tell Me A Story

Well, that four week vacation soon whizzed by. It feels like I've hardly been away. There's a load of work waiting in the garden and pool area - including some tiles that have mysteriously dropped off. I'll have to get stuck in before the autumn rains hit us. We don't have rain very often but boy, does it know how to rain when it does.

I thought you might like to share this morsel of advice I received. As far as I'm concerned ANY help with book promotion is useful. I absolutely hate it.

One way to promote your book is to tailgate audiences of others who have already established clout with your intended readership - people such as specialists in your sphere, authors in your genre, reviewers, reporters, bloggers, radio or TV presenters, and magazine editors.

Ways to schmooze with people who have clout.
  • Hook up with them on social networks and interact with them.
  • Make particular and useful observations on their blogs or articles.
  • Invite them to post as a guest on your own blog.
  • Review their books and post the review on your blog. Share the review on Amazon GoodReads, LibraryThing or Shelfari. 
  • Re-tweet their relevant posts on Twitter - do it more than once. A regular RT will get noticed by them - and remembered by their fans and followers.
  • When you've cultivated an association, you might buttonhole them, suggesting ways you might operate together.

Don’t forget - whatever approach you take, you should always deliver something of value.