Tuesday, 17 March 2009

How to write a successful book

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Writer's, authors, wannerbies, here's the answer to your prayers. Here’s an angle for writers, if you write about the financial crisis, it will sell.

Forget that novel, write about the financial crisis

Publishers at the Paris book fair said booklovers were lining up for books about the credit crunch, for books suggesting unusual solutions to the problem, or books just offering guidance on how to live more cheaply.

"The crisis is good for at least one thing: sales of these kinds of books," said Jacques Mazel, of publisher Fayard, pointing to a shelf full of volumes about the economy.

People apparently want to come to terms with what is happening, and they want to find useful tips for the future

The book fair seems to be having a plentiful year, with staff at all the major publishers' stands describing large crowds and a steady flow of bookshop owners and librarians.

Business was also good at Rustica, a publisher focussing on gardening. Jean Margueritte, who has been staffing Rustica at the annual book fair since 1982, said he had never sold so many books about growing your own vegetables.

He said, "Because of the crisis, people are falling back on simpler, healthier leisure activities like gardening and reading. People are tired of excessive consumption and they are also increasingly aware of environmental issues."

I think it's quite obvious I'd have been a lot better off if I'd written about money. I certainly haven't made anything from Without Reproach - it hasn't even been available on Amazon or B&N for 6 months - Temporarily unavailable - No idea why - publishers say it's Amazons fault - but what about B&N, what about Borders?

So for now, Without Reproach just sits on the table - and that's where it will probably stay.

**** A successful book **** A successful book **** A successful book ****

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