Saturday, 12 November 2011

When the Devil Whistles

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Title - When the Devil Whistles
Author - Rick Acker 

Stars - 3.5

Allie, accountant and professional whistle-blower, is skilled at locating and unmasking corporations that over-charge on government contracts. Her lawyer and friend, Connor, keeps her identity a secret while helping her make money that bankrolls Allie's lavish lifestyle.

When she joins a new corporation, tables are suddenly turned. The corporation discover she's the whistle-blower behind Devil to Pay. They threaten to reveal her to all those corporations that hate her unless she removes their opposition, and that probably necessitates planting false evidence. Allie's rock-star boyfriend is involved in drug sales at a concert, the user dies, and Allie is worried she'll go to jail, too, if she turns her boyfriend in.

There seems to be only one route that will keep her safe, but there's more at risk than even Allie knows.

When the Devil Whistles, is a legal thriller. The fast pace keeps you turning pages to see how everything works out. Tension is high and varied, and descriptions bring the scenes vividly to life. Rick Acker's central characters are multifaceted and deal with realistic problems, making this an enjoyable book.

Overall, I'd recommend When the Devil Whistles as a gripping and intriguing novel.


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