Thursday, 7 August 2008

Promoting Books Online

Tell Me A Story - promoting books

I hate promoting books - so I'm always on the lookout for ways of promoting books that doesn't involve forcing my wares on people. Friends are looking out on my behalf as well I'm happy to say. At any rate, I had this list handed to me by a kind on-line friend, and thought you might like to share it. ,

If you have anything to add, send it along, I'll slip it in - or start a new list if there are sufficient. Trying to publicize yourself is damn hard work, and anything that helps, has to be worthwhile. Let's help each other!

  • Blog on
  • Submit your site to
  • Submit your site to Google, MSN and Yahoo
  • Join several online social networks
  • Join several online communities or discussion groups
  • Add comments to other threads or blogs
  • Submit a blog to your own site
  • Use PPC advertising like Google Adwords
  • Try Ebay
  • Try
  • Advertise on
  • Advertise on
  • Start your own ezine
  • Start your own web ring
  • Start your own community
  • Write your own e-book
  • Start your own affiliate program
  • Start your own reciprocal link exchange
  • Register for online networking events
  • Create a personal page on yahoo, aol or google
  • Write articles for other people’s ezines
  • Write articles for other people’s websites
  • Submit your articles to article directories
  • Submit your ezine to ezine directories
  • Do ad swaps with your ezine and other ezine owners
I can't guarantee how effective these way of promoting are, I don't even know what all of them mean, but at least they are something positive in the bid towards promoting books.
If any of you have success, let me know and I'll post it - in fact tell me which bit worked best and I'll give it an extra whiz!

A Summary of Storyline and outline

Tell Me a Story
  • A STORYLINE places the accent on INDIVIDUALS. It is with regard to the consequence of the scene on the characters.
  • A STORYLINE summarizes your novel – something you might jot down in the first rush of enthusiasm.
So what is an outline?
  • Your novel must occur in a coherent sequence. If a reader doesn’t believe part of the story, they’ll throw the book to one side. The OUTLINE allows you to plan this out.
  • AN OUTLINE is a section-by-section analysis; it acts as a route map through your book.
  • The OUTLINE provides a solid underpinning to your book. It is the foundation that allow you build with confidence.
  • An OUTLINE allows you the freedom to write any part of the book you like at any time you decide
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