Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Finding New Writers

Tell Me A Story

How do you find a new writer? Most of us are quite loyal to authors we are familiar with. If you’re anything like me, I tend to devour all their work, and become disappointed when they run out, and I have to seek out a different writer.

I used to find new writers by browsing book stores. It was one of life’s pleasures to glance through pages of random books especially if I discovered a new treasure. However, in the world of ebooks, it isn’t quite the same. There are so many, the choice has become difficult. You can’t browse all of them.

What method do you use? How do you come across new writers? Is it by word of mouth? Does the cover draw you in to read more? Have you ever purchased an ebook because of an advertisement or because something caught your eye on Facebook or Twitter? Do you visit book forums, or find new writers in newsletters? Do you indiscriminately surf online stores?

I hope you share your thoughts, because these are things writers really do need to know.

Your knowledge is important. Please share it.