Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Accidental Best Seller

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RJ Rowlings eat your heart out -  

Lynn Serafinn is a transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host and bestselling author of the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self, as well as the upcoming book The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell. She also works as a campaign manager for mind-body-spirit authors and has produced several #1-selling book campaigns.

In a recent article - - Lynn Serafinn says, “If your book sales are amongst the Top 100 in any category on Amazon, you are technically a “bestseller.” You don’t have to be in the Top 100 of all books. There are dozens of categories and sub-categories on Amazon, and if you achieve a sales ranking in the Top 100 in any of these, you can say you are a bestseller.”

Yehhhh! According to this criterion, I’m already an Amazon Best-Seller with no less than three of my books hitting the lists - well at least in the UK - and I didn’t even know.

The only problem is no one else knows either… My grocer won't accept it, my car is still a wreck, I'm still broke...

This best-selling stuff isn't what they make it out to be... I think someone is kidding me...

30th July 2011:

Short Moments: A collection of 10 heartwarming stories:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank

Yesterday: A collection of 10 heartwarming stories:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank:

Just About Write: A masterclass in creative writing:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank

I wish it meant my coffers overfloweth, but someone forgot to tell the bank manager...

The Amazon category-ranking system is a laugh. Why not leave it at plain old numbers-sold to determine overall ranking for best-seller. Categories mean bog-all. I only sold 6 copies of Just About Write in the UK - how the hell does that make it a best-seller...

Come on Mr Amazon - you're surely taking the p*** or is it people like Lynn Serafinn who shift the goal-posts to make something out of nothing to make it seem like they are good at their job.

Maybe I'm a little too cynical...