Sunday, 27 September 2009

Kelly Corrigan - A success story

Tell Me a Story - success

Last year more than 560,000 books were newly put into print in the United States alone. This is a cake of which everyone wants a wedge; a cake that many people seem to think is thickly layered in cream – it isn’t.
  • Writers are required to be business people.
  • Writers are expected to sponsor themselves.
  • Writers are expected to create a household name.
  • Writers are expected to market themselves.
For most of us, this isn’t what we entered the world of literature for. We are creative souls, not entrepreneurs. For most of us, the world of business is anathema.

Publishers will enthusiastically campaign for big names authors of course, but for the majority of authors it's a work-it-out-for-yourself universe of generating book trailers, Web sites, blogs, and social networking.

Just occasionally, someone shrugs off the bands and blazes a trail that everyone else wants to follow. Kelly Corrigan is one such person. Take a look at her incredible journey and take heart.


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