Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sample Sunday Again

Tell Me A Story

This is my effort for  #samplesunday on Twitter - the opening paragraphs from PAST SINS under my pen-name Ellie Jones - a Kindle romantic mystery. I hope my regular readers forgive my indulgance.


The face in the mirror reminded her of a bad shave in a cartoon. It was full of nicks and scratches, and visible ends of stitches where flesh had been sewn back together. The trouble was, cartoons were supposed to be funny but this cartoon made her feel like crying… Where had her face gone?
Apparently, after they’d brought her in she’d remained unconscious for several days - and they said she was lucky… She felt like shit.
Her shoulder had been pinned together, her head, a tiny metal plate inside. It was true that only a small chunk of swirling dark hair was missing but it made her self-conscious. Her once petite nose was swollen, discolouration fading but noticeable, high cheekbones marred with stitches.
“You haven’t caught me on a good day,” she said, glancing from the mirror to the woman by her bed. “I could be bitchy.”