Monday, 4 November 2013

Kindle Erotic Romance Reduced by 80%

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Without Reproach, a tasteful, erotic romance by Ellie Jones, is Reduced by 80% for a very limited time on Amazon Kindle - so grab it quickly before it's too late.

Following the unusually successful free period, the publishers have decided to offer this RED HOT ROMANCE at a drastic reduction to allow readers to take full advantage and experience the exciting writing from Ellie Jones in the hope that it will encourage further purchases.

This book is a Kindle Recommended Read

"A devastating relationship" "Heartbreaking love" "A sizzling liaison"

Without Reproach is an adult romance, an intriguing mystery - "Ellie Jones...excels at creating varied, well-developed characters and an emotion-packed story."

- Jenny freaks out when she finds a painting of herself in the entrance to the villa - totally naked. Spanish artist, Juan Garcia left the luxurious villa to her in his Will, which is gross. She is not related to him, has never heard of him, never met him, and certainly never been to this villa before... So why does she recognize things?

Mrs Joanne Beech -
“What a wonderful book, I just couldn't put it down. Very raunchy…”

Roroblu’s Mum -
“This was probably the one that appealed to me most: intrigue, romance and hot steamy sex…”

Mrs Maureen Elizabeth Moss -
“Forbidden passion, mystery and intrigue - this story has them all. Have you ever desired someone you really don't like? Set in the magnificent hills of the northern Costa Blanca, this story covers a sweeping range of emotions. Intrigue, deception, disappointment, anger and passion - they are all here, simmering beneath a surface of self-control.”

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