Tuesday, 28 July 2009

José Saramago and “The Elephant’s Journey”

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It seems there's nothing quite like jumping on a bandwagon. Even the most successful authors don't seem averse to conforming to an award winning trend.

Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago, must have liked what he saw in the runaway success of the Sara Gruen novel “Water for Elephants,” because he's now hot on the heels with his own jumbo story, “The Elephant’s Journey”.

I'm not suggesting there's anything untoward like plagiarism taking place - No way José!

No, someone of Josè Saramago's standing has no need to stoop so low, it's just that..... well there ARE other subjects... Did you have to be so obvious about it, José? You could have at least given it a different title....

Maybe I'll write one - what do you think of The Elephant Circus..... or An Elephant's Pride.....

See the New York Times for more information.


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