Sunday, 14 September 2008

Are authors recluses?

Tell Me a Story

AJ, are a lot of authors recluses, such as not giving interviews or book signing? 
Well, Sandra, I know of some that are partial recluses, though not to the point of refusing to sign books. Some of my writer friends are extroverts. I'm guess I'm somewhere in the centre. I'm actually quite shy. I tend to edge to the back when there's a crowd. When I'm centre stage, I don't feel comfortable, but I have done it. 

I've already had a book signings and radio interviews. I was very anxious, but I guess I got through one way or another.

One of my author friends is just the opposite. She was a teacher, and is quite comfortable in front of people, in fact I think she enjoys centre stage, so there can be no generalization.

Maybe more tend to be comfortable with their own company, because it is rather a lonely business.

Next post, interview.