Friday, 26 September 2008

Barack Obama, John McCain, an unholy alliance!

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A Comic Pair.

Only a few short weeks to go to THE Election Day, and IDW Publishing's keenly awaited comic book biographies of John McCain and Barack Obama will crash into bookstores.
Sarah Palin's will be next.

Both books are due to be released on October 8 and both will be accessible on cell phones.

The authors,

Andy Helfer and Jeff Mariotte, will be available to sign copies of the graphic novels at bookshops in New York, Los Angeles and Orange County between October 8th –10th.

Collector's Items.

The books are apparently already threatening to become collector's items, but the good news is the books can be pre-ordered at

PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL: BARACK OBAMA (Author: Jeff Mariotte/Artist: Tom Morgan)
PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL: JOHN MCCAIN (Author: Andy Helfer/Artist: Stephen Thompson)

I wish you good reading! ! !

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