Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Getting to Grips With Writing

Tell Me A Story - Creative Writing

AJ, can you help. I have a story hanging around. I know the names of the protagonists and where I want in the story to go - but each time I start to type - it feels wrong, it’s weird. As I begin writing, I lose interest. In a bizarre way I want to write, yet for some reason, I can't.

Thanks for the email. There are a number of things that may help. To start with, if you’re absolutely sure you want to write, nothing should prevent you. Don't let anything get in your way.
  • If you are sincere, you need to beg, buy, or borrow, a couple of text books on creative writing (dare I suggest Just About Write  at only 99 cents from Kindle). All writers need to understand the basics of story-telling. The desire to write may feel like a fire burning into your soul, but unless that fire is fed with the oxygen of skill, those flames will dwindle and die.
  • A text book on creative writing can help you appreciate the why and wherefore of what you're doing – and point you the right direction to help you become productive.
  • Artists of every genre - dancers, painters, musicians, have to study for years before they are able harness their natural gifts. They exhibit talent in the first place of course, but without direction that talent will flounder. Writers are no different.
  • Stop listening to people who are not professionally involved in writing. Friends love offering advice - telling you how good you are - telling you where you're going wrong..... forget it. Friends and family can be too enthusiastic or too critical – they don’t read with a qualified eye.
  • Join an online Writer’s Circle. They're free, friendly, and full of like-minded people - some with years of experience to tap into and take advantage of.
  • Find a local writer's group - mixing with other writers can help your morale. They will offer advice and give a more qualified critique to your work. You'll start feeling like a proper writer - what more could you want?
Hope this helps you on your way a little. Don't give up, don't get dispirited - keep writing and one day it will happen.