Saturday, 12 June 2010

Taking the plunge

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Okay guys. I'm about to take the plunge. After the response to my 'Bukisa' articles on writing, and from my blog posts offering writing advice, I've decided to take someone else's advice for a change.

I have several contacts on LinkedIn and a some of them have urged me to gather my writing experience and produce an ebook about it.

Well.... I've almost finished. I've been beavering away merrily now for quite a while - which is why there haven't been too many blog posts of late. I'm at the point where I'm re-reading and checking for typos and mistakes. I haven't settled on a title yet... But I'm hoping to have the ebook on offer in about a week.

So.... For those of you who like to absorb a little writing experience and know-how, I shall shortly have a book on offer.... so save your pennies and bide your time if you've been thinking of purchasing.

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