Sunday, 21 December 2008

Without Reproach - out of stock - why?

Out of stock.

I'm hacked off. Without Reproach is listed as 'Temporarily Out Of Stock' on both Amazon USA and Amazon Canada. Just what the hell is going on? Why is it out of stock?

It's bad enough trying to get our names out there, but when the damn stores are 'Out of stock' it really riles. Someone has obviously tried to purchase my novel but the last one has gone.

I've been doing my bit, trying to drum up publicity by making the first chapter free (click on on my Website here to read it).... so when things like this happen I get wound up.

Most writers get scraps

95% of novelists struggle to get a foot in the market place. 5% of writers cream off 95% of the earnings. The rest of us get scraps.

When the damn stores run out, it makes it even worse. How can we become 'known' if our books aren't there to buy? If they'd stop pandering to the likes of Stephenie Meyers, and allow a few others to get a look in, things might be different.

For heaven's sake - how do people know whether they like a thing until they try - and how can they try if the damn books aren't there.

Come on Mr. Amazon, give us a chance - get your finger out - stock the books....

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