Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Jk Rowling sued for plagiarism

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When I saw the headline JK Rowling sued for plagiarism, my first thought was 'Not another Stephenie Meyer'. I felt cheated that yet one more top-paid author had written over someone else's work.

It's hard enough for me coming to terms with celebrities jumping on the bandwagon and ousting REAL writers, without highly-paid authors messing about - and JK Rowling is the most highly paid of them all.

The worst of it is, 5% of authors cream off 95% earnings (if you think all writers are dripping with money - think again). So if one of the top-paid writers is cheating.....

Most of us write books and stories because we love writing - but we get zilch returns - just a drop of goodwill from readers every now and then.

However, having read the article - and providing the information is correct, I feel there is hardly a case to answer.

Take a look at JK Rowling sued for plagiarism, and tell me what you think.... Not that I go along with JK Rowling having such a large slice of the ever-decreasing cake, but I hate for the image of writers to be tarnished.

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