Saturday, 8 October 2011

How Do YOU Find New Authors?

Tell Me a Story

According to a survey instigated by Mark Coker of Smashwords, the most popular way for readers to find eBooks and new authors is through recommendations from fellow readers via online forums, blogs, and message boards.
29% of those who took part in his survey chose authors this way. In contrast, only 4% selected, "Personal friend/family member recommendations." This is interesting, because it infers readers might have more confidence in the collective wisdom of strangers and online contacts than of friends and family. I wonder why this should be?

The second most common answer, "I look first for my favourite authors," came in at 18%. This makes sense. Looking for a favourite author is traditionally the way people choose deadwood books, and probably the way I choose.
For new authors, this is surely useful information; we all want to be discovered. Yet if recommendation from forum members is the best way to be noticed, how do new authors jump on the bandwagon?
It seems to be yet another ‘Catch 22’ situation. Established authors who are popular are recommended most, thus becoming more popular. New authors who have yet to be discovered are not talked about, so remain undiscovered.
How the hell do we break into this world? The only way forward that I see, is to write dozens of books in the hope of chance discovery - and/or offer free books on forums, keeping fingers crossed for a positive response.
Any ideas anyone?