Monday, 23 June 2008

Form and Proportion

Tell Me a Story - writing tips

All plots must have form and proportion. The story must have balance. Stories that are in balance are beautiful, get it wrong and things start to look ugly.

  1. A plot should never be a tirade of devastation and emotional distress. Readers soon get fed up of things like that, they feel worn out.
  2. Readers need to equate with characters. You make this rapport possible by making sure the events COULD happen in that type of situation.
  3. The pace of the plot should vary. Some scenes must be more tranquil than others.
  4. After a chapter dealing with an important incident, give your readers time to recover by composing a slower paced scene .... not a dull scene of course, but one with fewer contrasts, fewer ups and downs.
  5. Make your plot compatible with life but LARGER than life.

Give your readers interesting and believable variation and if you're lucky, they’ll give you time.

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