Monday, 15 September 2008

Publishers and books for children

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Hi, Anthony, can you tell if it’s true that a lot of publishers are no longer looking for new authors? I’m writing a book for children, and I’ve been told that a number of personalities are writing children’s stuff, so now it’s nigh on impossible to get a foot in the door. I’ve also been told publishers aren’t even looking for new authors. Is this true?

  • Hello, Susan, I'm afraid to a limited extent it’s true, especially as far as books for children is concerned. You have to remember, publishers are there primarily to make money. If they make money, you might get a few crumbs, you might even get to be famous, but a publisher’s mandate is financial.

  • It's also true that a publisher will take on a celebrity whilst rejecting talented, new writers. The subject pisses me off – I’ve ranted about it several times on my other blog, Bedlam. If you're serious though, and if your work is good, it shouldn’t put you off. You know the saying, “What do you call a writer who won’t give up – published.”

  • Someday, somewhere, you'll get accepted and all will be forgotten .... well almost.

  • Keep writing, and keep dreaming. Don’t forget, JK Rowling was a new author just a few years ago. Publishers are ALWAYS looking for books they can sell, but most books submitted to publishers aren't what they're looking for. Either the writer isn’t skilled at their craft or the plot is too recognizable.

  • The more prestigious the publishing house, the more famous the existing authors, the higher the standard and the harder it is to get in. But they DO still take people on.

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