Monday, 1 November 2010

New Author - Jill Schafer

Tell Me A Story - Dreams

For all of you out there who think it's never going to happen - take heart. Jill Schafer Godbersen had to put off serious writing until her kids were older. Now, it's partly because of her kids that her writing career has taken off.
Godbersen recently published her first three books – a novel and two books aimed at readers ages 6-10: “Dance With Me” and “My Dog is the Best.”
Godbersen initially wrote the children's books as personalized birthday presents for her own children. The books included their names and home in Ida Grove.
“After my family and friends read those books, they encouraged me to write them for everyone,” said Godbersen, who lives in Ida Grove with her husband and children.
So, she generalized them. The books now follow the fictitious Cooper family and are something that young readers living anywhere can read and enjoy.

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