Saturday, 7 March 2009

Will books disappear?

It seems the book reading world is evolving. Will we see a time when paper books finally disappear?

Barnes & Noble
have purchased e-book seller for $15.7 million, in an effort at running an e-book store. The transaction, broadcast on 5th March, is part of Barnes & Noble's strategy to introduce its own e-book store later this year.

Last month, competitor Amazon, released Kindle 2, the second edition of its e-book reader. And this week, Amazon revealed its Kindle application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

So will books disappear?

Fictionwise, from Barnes & Noble will present its own eReader application for handheld devices, desktop computers, and laptops. Likewise, opponents Lexcycle have its Stanza application for e-book reading. So someone somewhere certainly thinks books have competition.

While customer awareness in e-books has improved over the years, they have yet to attract a majority market. Analysts ascribe cost as the stumbling block to the widespread adoption of e-books.

However, as with all things electronic, prices will eventually tumble – and then we shall see.
Maybe it’s time for me to take a serious look at getting some of my work into e-format…. Maybe books will disappear.

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