Friday, 24 April 2009

'TRANS 2.0' and Julio Serrano's, World Book Day

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I’m not sure what he’s trying to achieve, but to commemorate World Book Day, a Guatemalan author, Julio Serrano, has asked fifty of his friends to circulate different portions of his book 'TRANS 2.0' on their blogs.

Uniting fans

The innovative publishing project seems to be uniting aficionados of literature from all over the world as they rush to contribute to the open license scheme. The author’s site apparently will contain links to all of the participating bloggers.

I wonder where money figures in the scheme? Most authors write for money. We all need money, and writing is how authors earn the stuff. If the whole book is given away piecemeal, then what is he achieving, except notoriety – but then again maybe publicity is what it’s all about. Maybe he’s hoping to win fans in preparation for his next book ….

How about something like that for your next publicity stunt, Stephenie….



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