Sunday, 28 September 2008

Marciano Bemelmans and Madeline.

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I hate writers cashing in on someone else's success.

Steve Vander Ark, the infamous author jumped on the JK Rowling bandwagon and published the book “Harry Potter Lexicon” – but lost a court case to put it into print, thank goodness.

Now it’s the turn of Marciano Bemelmans. He’s chosen to write books about ‘Madeline’.

His grandfather, Ludwig Bemelmans originally created the character, ‘Madeline’, and subsequently wrote a very successful series of books. His grandson is intent on scheming a way to tap into that success. Talk about jumping the queue for publicity!

Could Marciano not write his own best seller?

I know I’m cynical, but isn’t he able to hack it? Publisher's Weekly was really downbeat saying, "Awkward syntax and forced rhymes abound. The joy and brio of the original books go missing."

I've checked on Amazon and his previous work doesn't seem too popular. Does he think this to be a new route to fame and fortune? Isn’t it stretching nepotism a little too far though?

Okay, I'm plainly envious, in fact green to the gills with it .... I wish I had a 'name' to give me a leg up. It pisses me off.

Next post, Obama and McCain.