Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Script writers dreams CAN come true

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Incredible news for wannerbee script writers.

Seasoned screenwriter Michael Elliot has formed an online resource to help new screenwriters break into Hollywood with their first screenplay. Elliot has revealed the launch of the website WritersLittleBlackBook.com.

WritersLittleBlackBook.com is an online directory of more than 1,200 film producers and the connections at each film company that Elliot thinks most probable to consider material from new, unrepresented writers. "Getting your script read by a Hollywood producer is a new writer's best chance of selling their screenplay," says Elliot.

Hopeful writers now have a door to these Hollywood producers through WritersLittleBlackBook.com. It's a members-only resource, though. Each of the more than 1,200 listings include the producer's contact information, produced credits, and more importantly, the one person at the producer's company that Elliot recommends writers contact.

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