Monday, 19 April 2010

Writing Novel Tips

10 Top Writing Tips, For Writing that novel

Before starting to write that novel, you should make loads of notes. You should scribble down all the associated ideas you can think of, and then sit back in that comfy seat and take time to analyse just what your brilliant story idea is all about. How much do you actually know about the background for your story? How much do you know about your characters? What about their jobs, their likes and dislikes, their friends, their taste in food?
  • What else should you be doing? Take a look at this article to see just what you should be up to…. 10 Top Writing Tips
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Saturday, 17 April 2010

How to format a book

Format a book

Tell Me a Story - manuscript submission guidelines

Format a book

The way an editor first perceives a book decides its prospects with that publishing house forever – it might sound severe, but I’m afraid it’s true.

A quick glance at your book will make or break it. Editors in publishing houses are innundated with manuscripts, and they are only human - little things can sway them. Wouldn't it be terrible if it was tossed to one side without being read, simply because it didn't pass an editor's eye-test or it fluffed on the submission guidelines.

Don't let yours be one of them - learn how to format a book in this Bukisa article - 20 Things You Should Know About How To Format A Book


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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

To Write a Better Story

To Write a Story

Tell Me a Story
- hints and tips

To write a story.

So, you've struggled against all odds and have finally managed to write a story. Quite rightly, you’re over the moon that it's now complete - yet is it....

It’s a hell of an achievement to write a story, most wannerbes rarely make it to the finishing line, so you deserve a pat on the back
in your own right. However, that first draft will seldom be equal to the exacting yardsticks laid down by most publishing houses.

What then must you do to bring it up to the standard required? What extra is demanded of you?

20 Ways To Write A Story Better

....Now you can polish your manuscript until it shines

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Book Strategy - Tactics to Start Your Book Campaign

Tell Me a Story - hints and tips

Book Strategy

It's far more difficult to sell a really good novel by a new author than it is to sell a poor novel by an established author.

New authors must fight their way against enormous odds. Often there is no publicity budget available from the publishing house - so what can you do as a new author? You must find a strategy to promote your book.

If you're struggling for ideas, take a look at Book Strategy - Tactics to open up your book strategy and promotion campaign

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