Saturday, 13 December 2008

A disappointing day

Not a pick to choose.

What a disappointing day yesterday was.

We travelled all the way to the Carrefour Hypermarket on the N332 on the outskirts of Benidorm to see if they had anything I fancied for Christmas - there wasn't a damn scoot. I hate that, you put yourself out - look forward to picking and choosing then there ain't a pick to choose.

Roundabout mad

It didn't end there. After I finally gave up on a Christmas gift, we decided to visit a restaurant we knew in La Nucia - which wasn't exactly close by. We had to worm our way to the 'Nucia Park Restaurant' through the traffic - not an easy task considering the Spanish have gone crazy since they discovered roundabouts. We negotiated seven or eight on what was previously a straight road - in fact I'm advised there are eleven in total, it's a good thing we didn't go the whole hog.


When we arrived the staff were very welcoming, we were the first it seemed. We seated ourselves on the glazed balcony overlooking the sierras, soft music in the background, friendly waiters hovering.... but they had a scrawking radio on in the bar area - keeping the staff happily informed of local news and events I presume - it jarred somewhat with the music.... scrawk in one ear, soft music in the other... when will they learn to keep the customer satisfied, not themselves?

We were handed the carte and found the price had jumped from 12 euros per head to 16 euros. Okay.... things have to go up.... but it was quite a hike since last time, especially considering we have much less in our pockets with the exchange rate being so bad. I wasn't about to quibble though, it's a nice place, nice spot, so let's have a nice lunch.

Value for money

Except when it came it was quite.... ordinary. I can't say it was bad. It was edible, it was hot, it was served with good-grace.... but it wasn't worth the money.... it certainly wasn't worth an increase.... and we used to enjoy it there.... a pleasant place, full of customers.

That's the problem. There are so many eating houses to choose from - so many giving good value for money, why go to one that doesn't.

I guess that explains why we were the first guests... everyone else already knew....

Ah well.... you only get bitten once. Scrub the 'Nucia Park Restaurant' from list, another one bites the dust.

End of post - A disappointing day