Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stolen Prey

Tell Me a Story - book review

Author - John Sandford
Title     - Stolen Prey
Stars   - 5

Stolen Prey:
Lucas has attended numerous murder scenes. This is one of the nastiest. A whole family has been killed, including the dogs.

Something about the incident nudges at Lucas’s cop instincts. It reminds him of the kind of retribution he’s seen in drug killings. However, this is a fashionable part town, and the husband a vice president of a bank. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Product Details

Stolen Prey is a disturbing murder-mystery that has been very skilfully composed. The storyline is full of unpredictable action. The dialogue is first-class, while central characters spring to life in a nerve-wracking thriller that has you hankering for more.

Stolen Prey is so well written and compelling that it is disappointing to see the story come to an end. A must-read.