Friday, 9 May 2008

Credibility in characters

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I hate it when I read a story and someone in it suddenly does something out of character. I feel like screaming! I've just thrown a book to one side - and no, I'm not naming names, I don't want a lawsuit thrown at me, but you know the sort of thing I'm on about.

Characters should be real.

We've all seen it at sometime. Honestly, I wonder how some writers get away with it. For God's sake characters are supposed to be REAL aren't they? If a character is quiet and shy, they're not likely to to go out of their way to find a career as a television presenter, are they! They wouldn't do it in real life, so why in a story.

Shit, I should know! I'm quiet (well mostly), I'm certainly shy, in fact I did a radio chat show a while ago .... and I was petrified. I HATE being the centre of attention, so why put fictional characters in stupid positions? IT DOESN'T WORK!

Character's aims and reactions MUST be consistent within the framework of the storyline. Don't make them do false things just to make a cheap line seem better. Readers might just start reaching for another book....

Make your characters real, guys. Make them credible! Keep the reader turning those pages.


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