Monday, 17 October 2011

CS Forester Writes Steamy Book

Tell Me A Story

CS Forester's previously unknown talent as a steamy writer has been exposed. It seems he also writes with an inclination for racy scenes and thrilling plots, which is soon to be seen when an undiscovered book by the author is published for the first time. 

Written in 1935, The Pursued portrays slaughter, incest and forbidden love, in a plot far-removed from Horatio Hornblower's usual bravado escapades at sea.

Labelled a "dark, twisted tale of murder, lust and retribution," the recently unearthed book discloses the story of Marjorie, an unhappy London housewife who returns home one evening to find her younger sister dead in the kitchen, with her head in the oven. 

During her endeavours to expose the truth about her sister’s death, Marjorie begins an affair with the family's lodger. Secret liaisons and murder ensue.

Due to be released next month, The Pursued is keenly awaited by Forester fans and upheld as a "miraculous discovery" flaunting new light on an author customarily linked with the Napoleonic wars.