Saturday, 4 June 2011

Author's Summer Read

Tell Me A Story

Ever wondered what famous those authors read? Well here’s what a couple of them might be touching on this summer:

Laura Lippman, author of the Tess Monaghan books, has said, "I am a greedy, lustful reader with poor impulse control, so there's very little planning in my reading. So instead, here's my fantasy summer reading list: a new Bill Bryson, preferably a follow-up to 'The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid,' perhaps a memoir of his life as a journalist in London; a new Anthony Bourdain memoir or novel, I'm not choosy; a new Kate Atkinson novel, despite the fact that she just published a book; a new George Pelecanos (that one is actually achievable); a new audiobook by Julia Sweeney; a heretofore undiscovered manuscript by the criminally neglected Edward Eager."

On the other hand, Lisa Napoli, writer of the chronicle, Radio Shangri-La said "This summer is all about researching and writing my next book, which is about building community. I can't wait to dive into 'The Great Good Place' by Ray Oldenburg and reread Robert Putnam's 'Bowling Alone.' "

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