Monday, 9 March 2009

The Restaurant Salamanca, Jalon

We've started to eat more 'special' meals at home recently. The financial crunch has forced us to take steps to save money, but I don't mind. The meals we create are better than most places.... except for....

Restaurant Salamanca.

Last night was treat-night for us. We took ourselves down to the village and had a meal at one of my favourite eating houses, the 'Restaurant Salamanca'. The food there is excellent and damn good value.

I love the place. The atmosphere, the service, the food - all wow factors. I wish I could cook like that!!!!

The restaurant Salamanca is a tastefully reformed bodega just off the centre of the village of Jalon. A terrific menu means you’ll always find something there to tempt you. Beware though - most dishes are rich in sauce - which are so delicious you can’t stop going back time and again - waistline be damned.

If you're ever in the area, pop in, I promise it's worth a visit.

Whilst we were there a couple of years ago, the UK BBC network TV guys were interviewing the owners with presenter, Nadia Sawalha - so that tells you something.

I always come away feeling pampered. It's family run, and the owners strive to make you feel special.

Steve, the head waiter (at least I think that's his title) runs around like something gone mad, trying to make sure everyone is looked after properly - especially if the owners aren't around. It's all part of the evening, that feel-good factor.

Ah well, roll on next treat-time.... Salamanca here I come....

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