Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Bad Review Doesn’t Have to Mean Your Book is Bad

Tell Me a Story

John Locke says something along the lines of – Write for people who love your book, not for ones who don’t.  Good counsel.

We all want good book reviews, but books are subjective. Like all art, books have separate meanings to separate people.

Some readers enjoy WITHOUT REPROACH by Ellie Jones while others don’t - it can't be helped. We can’t write to please everyone.  People might feel passion for your book, or they might not. Different things affect people in different ways – it makes us one-off. We are unique. Celebrate it. It would be a lacklustre place if we all enjoyed the same things.

What to do if you get a bad review… Check a popular writer on Amazon and read their bad reviews - it will make you feel better.  It highlights that occasionally even top writers receive bad reviews yet they remain successful.

Remember - you can discover more from an unpleasant but honest review than you can from an impressive but false one

A bad review doesn’t have to mean your book is bad, just the wrong person read it.