Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Easy money on-line

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I recently talked about Redgage. At the risk of repeating myself I just want to point out the advantage I've had so far.

I joined just two weeks ago. Already my earnings are just a few cents short of $38, and all I've done is add some of my already published stuff. You can link to blog posts you've done, articles you've written, upload photos, anything you wish and bingo, money comes trickling in. The more posts you have the greater the trickle becomes.

Easy Money

You don't have wait for people to click on advertisements on your site like you do on HubPages, Squidoo or other article sites. You actually get paid by the NUMBER OF VISITS to your article - in fact if you have Squidoo, put a link to it and visitors will clock up cash for you.

If you fancy making easy money from stuff you've already written then take a look at RedGage here

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