Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Heartbeat Away

Tell Me A Story - Book Review

Author - Michael Palmer
Title     - A Heartbeat Away
Stars   - 3

A Heartbeat Away:
As the U.S. president, is beginning his State of the Union address, when several ampules containing a viral agent shatter and infect important members of the government in the House chamber. The Capitol must be sealed off and infected members quarantined until a cure can be found.

The conspirators behind the assault, demand, among other things, that the government abolish the Patriot Act and cease unchecked spying on ordinary Americans.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Structure Of A Novel

Tell Me a Story

"The best part of every author is in general to be found in his book."
- Samuel Johnson -

Structure of a novel - saleable stories
To produce a saleable novel you must have
  • flair,
  • Imagination
  • determination
...And you must be prepared to study the craft of writing. In particular you must study the structure of a novel. Swotting up on structure might not sound as fascinating as creating the world’s best protagonist or giving free rein to your creative juices, but it is something you really should get your head around.
Structure is perhaps one of the ignored elements of a novel, yet it is crucial to understand.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Tell Me a Story

YESTERDAY - a collection of ten heartwarming stories.

1. The Biker
2. Take Your Partners
3. Forget-Me-Not Days
4. Ben And I
5. A Stroll In The Park
6. Seal Of Approval
7. Tomboy
8. Past Mistakes
9. The Punch And Judy Man
10. The Otter Boy