Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Redgage - I'm smitten

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Two days ago I joined an article site called REDGAGE. It's rather unique in that you can update your own blog material to it, refer your own articles from elsewhere to it, or link to your external material and photos. Effectively, you GET PAID to write on your own site - good or what?

You can also enter material and articles directly like any other conventional site.

The system of payment is per view rather than whether your reader happens to click on an advert. Some may like this way, some not; my own preference is that I like the method. I'm useless at marketing.

The point is, that not only do you get payment per view, BUT also paid by bonus. If your article is featured, you receive a nice little bonus payment. Now I realise other sites might have upfront payments, but not for writers outside of the USA. REDGAGE allow you to operate wherever you live. They send you a Visa card once you earn in excess of $25, with the card credited to the amount you've earned....

Now, as I said, I've only been on the site a couple of days, but already one of my articles has received a $4:75 bonus - a tidy little start to my article campaign.

Not only, but also

Not only do you get paid per view, and a bonus if your work is decent, you can also be entered into a daily raffle which pays $25. You gain points towards this raffle by either producing good content, by promoting the site, or by recommending a friend.

SO good people. If YOU want to try out this site -and why wouldn't you want to earn money from your blogs - pick up this link to REDGAGE and take a look for yourself.

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