Monday, 25 August 2008

"The Lace Reader" by Brunonia Barry, in $2 million Book Deal

Writer Brunonia Barry has brought about a terrific accomplishment with her striking literary debut, "The Lace Reader".

Even before the novel started building buzz, Barry had created an enormous noise in the literary world.

"The Lace Reader," initially self-published in 2007, was singled out by William Morrow in a $2 million deal for it, together with her next novel. I wish Brunonia Barry well. I just wish I could join her.

In fact, come to think about it, $2 million for every book I can ever write would do me nicely, thank you very much. Ms. Barry hasn't done badly for someone who couldn't get published in the first place and had to do it herself.

How do these people pull it off? My d├ębut certainly pales into insignificance by the side of it.

"The Lace Reader" is already sitting at number 53 on the Amazon best selling list. Quite an achievement. My own novel reached number 56 on Amazon Canada for just a few HOURS during ONE DAY.

Not quite in the same league, doesn't have quite the same ring does it. Am I wingeing, am I jealous? Yep I sure am! Who gives a shit!

I wonder if Brunonia Barry will write about me on her blog?

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