Thursday, 12 March 2009

Clive Cussler and THAT legal battle

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Maybe it’s not the peak of an author’s career to have their book turned into a film after all. To me, just to sell more than a handful of copies would be heaven, but to have a film made from your book ….

Wow! I've always thought of that as having made it.

But like I say, maybe it’s not the best thing ever…. A long-running legal battle over the 2005 flopped film, "Sahara" has taken a startling turn.

Clive Cussler

A judge has ruled that author, Clive Cussler, must pay Crusader Entertainment nearly $14 million in legal fees.

The $13.9 million award is exceptionally high and reflects the price tag of a prolonged legal battle for "Sahara" between well-heeled Hollywood challengers.

Legal battle

Before the film was even released, Clive Cussler took legal action against Crusader Entertainment for about $40 million, declaring it had violated his entitlement to script approval on the film, "Sahara". Crusader counter claimed on several grounds, including that Clive Cussler prejudiced the film with unreasonable script demands and instructed his fans not to see "Sahara".

"Sahara" grossed $68.7 million at the domestic box office but lost more than $80 million when all costs were tallied.

Battles here, battles there.... Who'd be successful....

Makes me wonder if all this hassle is worth it? Maybe it’s a good job the film rights for Without Reproach weren’t taken up after all ….

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