Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Summary of Storyline and outline

Tell Me a Story
  • A STORYLINE places the accent on INDIVIDUALS. It is with regard to the consequence of the scene on the characters.
  • A STORYLINE summarizes your novel – something you might jot down in the first rush of enthusiasm.
So what is an outline?
  • Your novel must occur in a coherent sequence. If a reader doesn’t believe part of the story, they’ll throw the book to one side. The OUTLINE allows you to plan this out.
  • AN OUTLINE is a section-by-section analysis; it acts as a route map through your book.
  • The OUTLINE provides a solid underpinning to your book. It is the foundation that allow you build with confidence.
  • An OUTLINE allows you the freedom to write any part of the book you like at any time you decide
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