Friday, 26 August 2011

Is Your Book Different?

Tell Me A Story

Book promotion - I hate it.

When promoting a novel, you must persuade readers and reviewers that your story is distinctive and unique. As an author, if you don't understand why your book is unique, then they won’t either.

Here are some things you might ponder on, before trying to explain your book:
  • What makes you believe your story treats an old theme with a new twist
  • In what way does your book serve a market that other books in the same category do not
  • If your tale isn't different, why did you write it?

To become successful, your book needs to be innovative, distinctive, fresh, and stimulating - be sure to let people know just what those attributes are.

Your book needs to have a reason for being there. Undertaking that dreaded book promotion, is an ideal time to explain things. Make sure readers understand why they should read your story, and what they will get from it if they do.

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