Monday, 29 August 2011

Review of Deception Creek by Terry Persun

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Deception Creek by Terry Persun

Book Description
Secrets from the past overtake a man who never knew his father. Will old wrongs destroy him or will he rebuild his life? Billy Maynard, raised by his mother and grandparents, comes home from college for the summer and meets Jack, an ex-con. When Billy's mother forbids him to speak with Jack, Billy wants to know why. The answers he unravels lead from deception to deception leading back to a terrible incident at the creek bend one spring night long ago. The truth about what happened, once uncovered, still has toxic effect on everything that Billy cares about. He will lose everything unless he can find the strength to transform a malignant past into a future of reconciliation and hope.

Billy comes home from college and learns that his life is a lie and that his family is full of secrets.

The hypothesis is good and promises to make a good story. However, the central characters are perhaps not sufficiently fleshed out to for us to fully empathise with them. The story also finishes rather hurriedly, and doesn’t take us on the journey it promises at the outset.

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