Monday, 22 August 2011

Cheap Ad-Sponsered Kindle 3G

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Those who have been wondering whether to purchase an Amazon Kindle e-book reader might finally be able to come to a decision with this particular model – an ad-sponsored Kindle 3G that will retail for $50 below the standard model, which is AT&T’s $139 Kindle 3G - with Special Offers of integrated Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity without being tied down to a monthly fee, data plan or annual contract.

Undeniably, most things in this world have a price, and to secure the advantages of this discount, you will be exposed to adverts from AT&T as well as other companies.

The college multitude might also look at the new ad-sponsored Kindle  since it will support the Kindle Textbook Rental service – that allows users to rent books for up to 360 days at up to 80% off the textbook list price. Anyone already latched on to this particular version of the Kindle?

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