Thursday, 27 November 2008

Writing is lonely

Thanks to a very considerate wife, I'm able to devote a few hours each day to writing.

Yet, hours spent alone at my computer usually propagate emotions of self-reproach - remorse for not spending time with her - guilt for not building yet another wall, shame for not painting the villa that I know she wants painting. Maybe this anxiety is widespread among writers. It would be terrible to be the only person who feels like this…. but I need my own space, I WANT to write, if I don't find time to write, I feel deprived. We should all be able to do the things WE want at some time during the day. After all, what are we here for, to everything that others want and nothing for ourselves?

So, fellow authors, let's raise a glass or two to wives who understand that writing is necessary to us, and on occasions even makes us better…. in some way.

But I still feel guilty about those damn walls.

End of post - Writing is lonely

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Jennifer S said...

Oh, yes, the guilt. In my case, it's laundry that needs folding, or children that need tending (which has to come first), etc.

It can be so frustrating, when the words are coming and other responsibilities have to take priority.

Still, I'll raise a glass with you, for the times when understanding is offered. Cheers!