Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A holiday poem

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Asked to write a poem
As an exercise at my local writer's circle we were asked to write a poem. I've never thought of myself as a poet, so it was good to be pushed into an area that I wasn't comfortable with. I based the poem on life experience.
A number of years ago, we booked a holiday in an area of Turkey that was newly opened to tourism. I was devastated with my first sight of the resort. I thought it looked like a third-world bombsite.
The next day, however, we saw it in a completely different light; quaint, original, and unspoilt. From then on we thoroughly loved the place. I decided to write this poem as an expression of those thoughts.
A Turkish Holiday
Exhilaration and trepidation, then on first sight, demoralization,
Waited months and built up hopes,
Wanted sun, not skiing slopes,
Wanted warmth from land, from hands,
Hoped and dreamed of stretched out sands,

But hopes are dashed, as reality clashed, with the brochure’s hash.

Relaxation brings revitalization, and no longer tired, a realization,
That eyes are fresh under warming sun,
Not tired from travel, not devoid of fun,
And poolside seats and a friendly face,
And an eager charm, make a saving grace.
Now hopes are raised, are more in phase, with the brochure’s phrase.

Exhilaration and animation, days of bliss and exploration,
Found new friends and found new ground,
And loved each day, and can’t understand,
Just why I thought, that I had bought,
A week of hell in tired old shorts.
First impressions were false perceptions of the brochure’s conceptions.

Happy Holiday!
Hope you liked my little poem .... well more of a ditty I suppose. I enjoyed doing it. I might try more at a later date.
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