Friday, 28 November 2008

Spain can be damn cold

With a bit of luck the fuel for the wood-burner will arrive this morning. If it doesn't it won't be long before we feel the cold.

Gas now cost 50euros for a large bottle for central heating and we use a bottle every five days when it's cold - very expensive.

I've managed to cut up some dead-wood from the surrounding area, so it's supplimented the heating bill somewhat, but we've had to succumb and place an order because I can't keep pace - we're using wood a lot faster than we hoped - the weather has turned into a damp cold that gets into your bones.

For those who think Spain is wonderfully warm all year around - forget it. Winters can be cold and houses aren't insulated like the civilized world. You can't get into the concrete roofspace to lay insulation - so when it's cold -its damn cold.

The wood should have arrived yesterday, but wouldn't you know, rain came down in buckets and it couldn't be delivered because it was soaking wet. I just hope it's dried sufficiently overnight.

It's windy (and perishing) this morning so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be here soon.

End of post - Spain can be damn cold

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