Thursday, 21 June 2012

Free Book - WITHOUT REPROACH by Ellie Jones

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Here's a Kindle freebie for everyone to checkout

Without Reproach by Ellie Jones

An adult romance of intrigue, and deceit. Jenny is not related to Juan Garcia. She has never heard of him, never met him, and certainly never been to his villa before... So why does she vaguely recognize certain things about it...

Jenny is puzzled when Spanish artist, Juan Garcia, leaves her his enormous villa in his Last Will and Testament, but freaks out when she discovers a painting of herself in the entrance to the villa... totally naked...

Eduardo, the younger half-brother of Juan, resolves to buy her out. She stubbornly refuses, pulled as she is, by the mystery of the finca. Her refusal to co-operate is at the root of heartbreak, as, like a moth to a candle, Jenny is drawn to Eduardo...

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