Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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FREE tools for writers 
Writers need easy to use tools so they can concentrate on the real job of writing, not playing with software. I was pleased to find these gems on a blog by Gary McLaren - Publish Your Own Ebooks

Here is a shortened version of his post.

To do any job well you need to use appropriate tools… and self-publishing is no different. While there are many software applications that can assist you during the process of writing and publishing your manuscript some of the applications are expensive, costing hundreds of dollars each.
So what if you are operating on a tight budget… or you would simply like to keep your operating costs low?

OpenOffice Writer
If you want to use a word processor similar to Microsoft Word – but without the cost – try the free OpenOffice Writer.  For PC & Mac.

This is a free novel-writing application that you can use to write your next story. For PC.

This is another novel-writing application for creative writers, novelists and authors. For PC.

This software will allow you to convert documents into PDF format. The free version will meet many writer’s needs. For PC.

Mobipocket Creator
To convert your document into Mobi format, which is readable on the Amazon Kindle. You can convert from PDF, Word and text files. For PC.

When it comes to converting between ebook formats you really must consider using Calibre. For PC & Mac.

Do you want to make your own ebook cover images but you don’t want to pay for an expensive image editing package? Check out Gimp. For PC & Mac.

If you are working with electronic document s it won’t be long before you need to transfer files via FTP to or from a server. FileZilla will help you do this. For PC & Mac.

Do you need a way to bundle files or unzip them? This is a free zipping/unzipping utility similar to WinZip. For PC.

Gary McLaren is the author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks” and “Kindle Superuser – 101 Ways to Get More from Your Kindle“. He is also the editor of Worldwide Freelance Writer and blogs about ebook publishing at Publish Your Own Ebooks.

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