Monday, 20 February 2012

The Frozen Trail

Tell Me A Story - book review

Author - Lisa Dayley
Title     - The Frozen Trail
Stars   - 3

The Frozen Trail:
In 1856 a group of Mormons trudged across the Great Plains, in wagon trains and pulling handcarts, to discover a new home shielded from prejudice. Emma Girdlestone confronts famine, frostbite, and fatality, so she and her family can join their fellow Latter-day Saints in the Salt Lake Valley.

The Frozen Trail helps you understand the misery of malnourishment, disease and death, as the Mormons labour against intolerable odds as they pull their ramshackle handcarts through drifting snows.

Competently enough written, the story is potentially quite thought-provoking, The Frozen Trail is a story about an episode in history that I am ignorant of. The problem is it ends rather unexpectedly, which makes the tale seem incomplete.

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